Our Approach

Providing an Integrative Model for Optimal Care

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In health care today you often hear people talking about “conventional” vs “alternative”. This tends to create a division within health care leading people to feel like they have to choose one or the other. At FIH we utilize an integrative medical model, allowing us to provide a more comprehensive approach to your health, utilizing the most appropriate therapies whether they are considered alternative or conventional.

Going Beyond Symptom Management to Treat the Underlying Cause

The most prevalent model used in healthcare today involves the use of drugs or even natural agents to control the symptoms of an illness. While symptom management is often valuable in saving lives during acute disease, in chronic disease, symptom control may not be a path towards optimal wellness. Today, more and more the use of pharmaceuticals in chronic disease has been called into question. For example: blood pressure medication can decrease a patients blood pressure while they are taking it, but once the medication is discontinued the blood pressure rises again. If the underlying cause of elevated blood pressure was never found or addressed, it could be causing untold harm to the body, even though its outward manifestation of elevated blood pressure is being corrected. In other words, symptoms can be seen as the body’s warning sign that something is out of balance.

“It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has”.


Committed to Building a Strong Foundation

CoupleBusinessPhotoAt FIH we believe in building a strong foundation of health while addressing specific pathologies. In todays fast paced world it’s convenient to get “quick-fixes” to your health problems through the use of medications (synthetic and natural), but no matter how fast the world around us becomes, our physiology stays same. We still need to sleep, to exercise, to drink clean water, to eat fresh quality food, to breath clean air, and to have healthy relationships with the people we choose to share our lives with.

We understand that symptoms are often uncomfortable, interferring with your daily life.  We will help to palliate those symptoms in order to ensure that our patients are safe and comfortable on their journey toward greater health, but always while correcting the underlying cause in the process. At FIH we believe that health is freedom; freedom to think with a clear mind, to walk and run without aches and pains, to interact with the world without anxiety or depression. Our practice is rooted in the concept of individualized, patient-driven medicine. This means we work closely with each patient to design a protocol tailored to their unique needs, in order to build health while simultaneously removing illness.


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