Biopuncture for Acute & Chronic Pain

One of the most common complaints in primary care offices is chronic musculoskeletal pain. Often due to old sports injuries and motor vehicle accidents, these injuries can effect quality of life and for many the ability to work and play.

Most conventional treatments for chronic pain have been unsuccessful, however, there is a new therapy originating out of Europe called Biopuncture. It utilizes small doses of herbal substances used to boost the immune system, drain lymphatic tissue, and modulate inflammation within very specific areas of musculoskeletal pain. The herbal substances are injected directly into the muscles, ligaments, and joints to produce a localized healing effect on the injured tissues. The goal of Biopuncture treatment is to both alleviate pain through inflammation modulation, but to also heal the injured tissue using the body’s own innate healing mechanisms.

How is Biopuncture Different from Conventional forms of pain treatment?

The goals of conventional pain management is to suppress inflammation with the use of steroids and NSAIDS like Ibuprofen. While this technique helps with the symptom of pain, it is ineffective at healing the injured tissue and sets the stage for a vicious cycle of chronic pain. This occurs because inflammation is a natural part of the healing process and by suppressing it you prevent the body from healing. Biopuncture encourages tissue healing through increasing lymphatic circulation and helping to direct (not suppressing) inflammation, so that the injured tissue can return to a healthy state.

What are some specific complaints that Biopuncture can help treat?

Chronic neck pain

Chronic mid/lower back

Sacroiliac pain

Tennis elbow

Golfer’s elbow

Patellar tendonitis

Shoulder pain

Knee pain

Tension headaches

For more information on Biopuncture you can follow this link. If you would like to speak to a physician about whether this therapy may be indicated for you, please call us and schedule a free 15 minutes consult.

If you’re looking for Biopuncture and Trigger Point Injection therapies for your acute and chronic pain come see us in the beautiful Fairhaven district in Bellingham, WA.

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