5 Steps to Detoxification & Weight Loss

detoxificationDetoxification isn’t something we choose to do, but rather a natural process that happens every second of the day. The human body can process and eliminate an incredible amount of toxins from both our external and internal environment. The systems for detoxification that were set in place thousands of years ago had no trouble keeping up with the environment then; however, the environment today is nothing in comparison to what it once was and our systems of detoxification  are overwhelmed. Most people are familiar with the “21-day detox” and the “master cleanse”. The former is a kit offered by most professional supplement companies and the latter is a fast using lemon juice, cayenne, and maple syrup. The problem with these approaches is that they don’t take into account the uniqueness of each person’s toxic picture. We all have different toxic exposures and not all toxins are eliminated in the same way; additionally, not everyone detoxifies in the same way. Some people have low exposures and pushing normal detox pathways would be pointless. Knowing what a person’s exposure was and how they detoxify is crucial in determining the right detox protocol.

weightlossWeight loss programs are typically seen as being short periods of self-controlled calorie deprivation and exhaustive exercise routines. Rapid weight loss programs like this are ineffective and potentially dangerous. There isn’t going to be one type of diet or exercise routine that fits everyone. It’s important to know each person’s constitution, food cravings, and energy level for an effective weight loss prescription. Our clinic utilizes a five step program to safely and effectively jump start your detox and weight loss goals that are simple to follow all year long. Below you will get a general idea of our approach to detoxification and weight loss.

Pre-screening labs: It’s important to screen for dysfunction in energy systems such as hypothyroidism or anemia before beginning any weight loss program. Additionally, it’s essential to assess the function of the liver and kidneys before safely beginning a detoxification program.

  1. Reduction in toxic burden: The human body is constantly being bombarded by toxins. Fortunately for us we have in-born mechanisms for handling these toxins; however, the human body has never experienced so many different sources like it does today. Before we think about mobilizing stored toxins, we need to decrease the amount of new toxins coming in. Fortunately, the majority of toxins we’re exposed to on a daily basis can be eliminated through smarter purchasing of food, cleaning, and beauty products. Some people may even need water and air purifiers. At this point we also want to identify and remove any hidden food allergies contributing to inflammation and water retention that may impede upon healthy detoxification and weight loss.
  2. Cleanse and support pathways of depuration: Most people who hear the word “detox” instinctively think of impurities being eliminated from the body, which is actually more appropriately termed depuration. Depuration happens primarily through the bowels, kidneys, and skin, but to a lesser extent through the lungs and mucus membranes. These pathways need to be open and eliminating properly before we optimize detoxification pathways, otherwise there would be nowhere for the toxins to go except back into circulation or deposition into tissues.
  3. Optimize your detoxification pathways: Detoxification is the process of taking a toxic compound or a compound that has the potential to harm organic tissues either directly or indirectly and turning that compound into one that has the ability to be excreted through one of our elimination pathways. This process happens through a very complex enzymatic process in your liver. Certain vitamins, minerals, and herbs can optimize the enzymatic process of detoxification. Fat loss can release stored up toxins (many toxins are lipophilic) and is why detoxification pathways need to be optimized before significant fat loss occurs. Healthy liver enzyme function also helps to mobilize fat and processes carbohydrates, which are both needed for a successful weight loss program.
  4. Activate your fat burning potential: Now that elimination pathways are clear and detoxification enzymes are optimized, you are ready to mobilize fat stores to be burned for energy and for any stored toxins to be processed and eliminated. You may find that fat loss is easier than you’ve experienced in the past. This is because the first three steps to the program have optimized your body’s ability to metabolize fat stores.
  5. Maintenance of optimal body composition: We’re not interested in getting quick short-lived results. Once you’re finished with the previous four steps we’ll give you the tools to maintain your weight loss and continue supporting healthy detoxification year after year.

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